Happy Hours UK

HAPPY HOURS – From 4pm to 7h30pm
& Live Music from 5pm to 7h30pm

Alcoholic beverages


2,90€        14 cl          Glass of wine choice (white Chardonnay, Syrah rosé, red Merlot)

3,90€        50 cl          Pint of draft beer moment

4,00€        50 cl         Pint of shandy, Monaco, beer peach, twist, tango

3,30€        14 cl          Kir chardonnay (blackcurrant, blackberry, peach, raspberry, strawberry)

3,50€        14 cl          Aperol Spritz (Apérol, white wine, water soda, lemon and orange slices)

3,30€        14 cl          Homemade sangria

10,90€      50 cl          Pitcher of homemade Sangria (2 pers. Max)

4,90€ 25 cl – 9,80€ 50 cl          Cocktails
Mojito, Piña Colada, Tequila Sunrise, Gin Fizz, Daïquiri, Sex on the Beach, Margarita, Long Island Ice Tea


Soft drinks

3,30€ 25 cl – 5,50€ 50 cl          Granini fruit drinks
Apricot, cranberry, banana, lime, mango, strawberry, pineapple, orange, apple, grapefruit, tomato

4,40€ 33 cl – 6,60€ 50 cl          Virgin cocktails
Virgin Mojito, Virgin Colada, Apple Mojito, Fresh Lemon, Virgin Moy, Citronnade, Piñacolata, Détox



4,90€     Guacamole and tortillas chips

5,40€     Salmon tartar

4,90€    Preserved pequillos sweet peppers

4,90€     Potatoes with paprika and salsa sauce

4,90€     Finger of bruschetta with two tomatoes, pesto sauce

4,90€     Nuggets of chicken barbecue sauce (4 pieces)

4,50€     Mozzarella stick pesto sauce (4 pieces)

4,50€    Shrimps fritters sweet and sour vinaigrette sauce (4 pieces)

4,50€     Plate of dry sausage from Lozère and toasted bread

4,50€     Plate of country ham from Lozère

8,80€     Assortment of salt-cured meats and toast